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LED Alu profile PDS4

LED Alu profile PDS4

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LED Alu profile PDS4

The price is for the 1 linear meter with the cover


  • designed for the lighting fixtures and backlighting luminaires
  • Can be used into the furniture, and interior design hardware such as stair steps, platforms, shelves, niches, etc.
  • can accommodate the narrow grooves
  • could conceal the small gaps resulted by the grooving process
  • can be used as the external illumination (the sealed version – with some exceptions)
  • The single, consist light line is ensured even with using the LED strip that has lower density of the chips (through to the profile depth of 11 mm


The following can be used for the profile assembly:

  • metal, and plastic mounting brackets
  • mounting adhesives
  • professional double-sided adhesive tapes
  • adjustable mounting brackets.

Additional information

  • suitable for a slight bending process
  • covers available: transparent or frosted,
  • aluminium-coloured plastic metalized and conductive end caps.
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