The quality of the LED chips for the LED strip lights

NEONICA LED strip lighting is the very essence of carefully selected LEDs at the completion stage of the production. LEDs are specified in terms of identical parameters: voltage, power, luminance – and most importantly – chromaticity and colour temperature. An excellent selection of LEDs guarantees that the arrangement of light that you create will be free of colour inconsistency, stains, dimmed or darker spaces. When buying LED strips imported from China, the initial price saving may ruin the final result by giving uneven light with different shades.
We provide an even light not only within one 5 meters roll but also within the entire order. When buying for example 5 rolls of NEONICA LED strip the tone and brightness of the order will not vary, there will be no surprises such as individual parts with the incoherent colour of light or different light strength. LEDs are grouped in batches known in the industry as BINS. We make sure that the LEDs you receive, within the order, are from the same BIN. For technological reasons, we cannot keep LEDs from the same BIN constantly. Therefore, if your project requires unified light shades, make sure your LED strips are from the same order (please check product bar codes on the label).

To produce our LED strip light, we use only LEDs from internationally recognised manufacturers whose LED chips are bond with pure 24K gold wire. Thanks to the careful selection of components, you can be sure that the product will function properly for many years since the gold is the best conductor that doesn’t oxidise and is neutral to the environment. CheapLEDs from Chinese manufacturers use different alloys of metals to bond. The final product with these LEDs is cheaper, but its lifetime rarely exceeds a few hundred hours. Read details about the process of LED bonding on Wikipedia: