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When your LED strip light might work not as expected.

When your LED strip light might work not as expected.

LED strip light might work not as expected

Faulty transformer.

The technical issues with the product accessories have been recognised as the second important reason for the LED strip lights issues. For the most common cases, the LED strip lights require the transformer having current either 12V or 24V. The supply voltage used addresses directly the length of the strip (12V transformer can supply well the strip length up to 3 meters).
When you suspect your brand-new LED strip is not working as it should, especially when the cheap model of transformer is selected.
Should you waste your money for a not economically viable solution?

Faulty or not correct wired connections.

The LED strips are quite delicate; even when considered as elastic, it is relatively easy to damage them. It might happen through the FPC board disintegration, where the current supply wire can break down. It will make the strip not lighting at all. The same effect is caused by the broken-down solder connections, especially those between wires and the strip. The small break and in the circuit and as a result the strip does not work.

Serial connection between LED strips

LED strip lights can be applied in a variety of places in your home or office. Sometimes your installation may require a lengthy LED line, where the serial connection connects the several strip pieces. You ought to remember then, that the current-voltage is not identical throughout the entire strip length. The furthers from the transformer/supply the more voltage dropdown, and in consequence, the chips at the very end of the long strip will light weaker.

To solve it, you do not need to connect supply or transformer signal to every single piece of the strip, however in a smart way you could supply the strip length from their two ends.

The LED strip failure because of the moisture working environment.

Sometimes the LED strip will wear and tear quicker than expected. It happens quite often with the strip that is in the bathroom/kitchen where usually the level of moisture is higher compared to other rooms.

To prevent too much wear and tear, we will recommend using the plastic profiles or especially extruded LED strip that meets the IP65+ standards.

For more information on how to connect, please contact our technical helpline.

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