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Three LED lighting ideas to enhance your modern kitchen design. Part III

Three LED lighting ideas to enhance your modern kitchen design. Part III

III. Floor Cabinet Lights

LED strip lights are, by all means, very flexible. Imagine you can create a magic kitchen outfit by providing the lighting lines from the bottom or some specific furniture parts. For example, you could install LED strip lights at the floor cabinets that would be echoing the lights in the top cabinets or wall compartments.
For this part of the kitchen installation, we would recommend adding decorative lighting, as too strong lights from the floor level could seriously blind and distract.
So, our recommendation for the floor/bottom furniture level might be:
Neonica LED strip RGB+W 600 with Osram Duris E3 where you would have control and selection when you wish to have a white or colour lighting.

Some low to middle output white (in yellow light 3000K or daylight 4000K) LED strip, for example:
NEONICA LED Strip 2216 300 LED CRI 90+

The kitchen furniture’s bottom line is always more water and moisture receptive, so using an IP68 waterproof strip or a protective profile is a necessity rather than a convenience.
For the bottom line of the furniture, the best profile might be surface mounted:
LED Alu profile MICRO or its recessed equivalent: LED Alu profile MICRO-K

Those two profiles, because of their small sizes, can be concealed within the cabinets’ bottoms.
The other interesting option might be lighting with the LED strip the furniture corners, by for example using the corner 45 deg profiles:

Alternatively, you can think of settling the lighting profiles in the floor void, and then you can use the same low to middle output strip combined with the heavy-duty architectural profile for example:
LED Alu profile PDS4 or LED Alu profile P5 (Deep recessed)

There are plenty of options for using the LED strip lights for the modern or classic kitchen design. Please bear in mind that what we present here are only suggestions, and you might have a completely different perspective.
Please contact us before placing an order every time you are unsure what to select, and we will be more than happy to help.
Should you wish to see our suggestions about kind and types of LED strip lights at the bottom or the top of the kitchen cabinets, please click the links.
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