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Three perfect LED lighting ideas that makes your kitchen glow. Part II

Three perfect LED lighting ideas that makes your kitchen glow. Part II

II. Above the Cabinets

For some kitchen designs, there might be cabinets placed up to the ceiling level. However, to enhance your lighting, you can install the LED strip light above them in the joint. Again, when advising you which LED strip to choose, you should rely on your personal preferences where the criteria should be:

A. If the above cabinet lighting should be the main lighting in the kitchen or just the ambient one?
B. Which colour temperature would you prefer (usually available daylight white 4000K or bulb-light 3000K, or any specific colour when choosing top cabinet)?

As at the ceiling level, you might have less moisture, compared to the bottom cabinet level. The wet is absorbed by extractor anyway, so you can without any hassle think of using the IP20 strip for the standard ceiling installation.
However, when thinking of the LED strip as the main light, we advise you to select the more robust output strips, comparing for that used for the above the cabinets. It might be, for example:
Neonica LED strip 5630 350 with Osram Duris E5

Quite often, especially for the larger kitchens, there is a dining table in the middle with the separate lamps handing from this part of the ceiling. If this happens with your case, you do not need intense ceiling lighting, thus above the cabinets it might be excellent and classy to get just the ambient, subtle LED strip lights. It might be, for example:

Neonica LED strip RGB+W 600 with Osram Duris E3

Thus, with this last strip, you can choose white or RGB lights to create the ambient climate and non-disturbing lighting by the ceiling space.

We always recommend using profiles to conceal the LED strip. This is due to the aesthetic reason, but also the aluminium profile will absorb the heat from the strip. The matt cover profile provides the consistent line of light with no visual dots (i.e. LED chips).

For this specific application we would primarily recommend the range of the recessed profiles:

LED Alu profile MICRO-K

Or even the wide, recessed profile:

LED Alu profile P14 (Recessed wide)

For any further inspirations concerning LED strip lights in the kitchen floor, please read here: Three perfect LED lighting ideas that enhance your modern kitchen design. Part III

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