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Three essential LED lighting concepts for your modern kitchen design. Part I

Three essential LED lighting concepts for your modern kitchen design. Part I

How to Choose LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Cabinets
You have selected an open plan kitchen aligned to your home modern interior decoration. The open plan is usually in principle integrated with your living room; thus, this creates one big open area where it designs should orchestrate with each other.
Many people are paying attention to the kitchen design, trying out different ways to decorate it. How about yourself? Do you want to make your kitchen warmer, more vibrant, or unique? It’s easy. You only need LED strip lights placed near your cabinets, or by the ceiling, or in the plinth to transform your kitchen. Let’s find out together; how could it be?

I. Under the Cabinets
If the kitchen has a row of wall cabinets, many people use to stick the LED lights along their bottom or the kitchen console table. Albeit you can attach the LED strip directly to the cabinet, using the double side tape, we advise not to do so due to the following reasons:
• The glue on the adhesive tape could wear over time, so your LED strip falls.
• The strip, albeit looks solid is the electrical equipment; most of the popular strips are IP20 rated (you can get water-resistant one, yet it is quite expensive). Please remember that the kitchen is rather a wet environment.
• The LED strip, like every single electric equipment, generates and transfers over the heat. It is no sound when this heat is dispersed throughout a delicate front of the kitchen cabinets.
So, to prevent that, you ought to consider placing our LED strip inside the profile with the cover. As the strip selection is slightly more complicated than the profile, we will advise you in a few moments which LED strip to choose. For now, we’d like to focus on appropriate profiles.
So, depending on your kitchen cabinets shape and format and design, you may choose from recessed or surface-assembled profiles:
For recessed profiles we recommend:

Recessed Slim Profile or Recessed Wide Profile both with matt or transparent cover.

For surface-mounted, the perfect fit might be:

Micro Profile, Surface-Mounted Profile or PSD 4 Surface-Mounted Profile

So, as all those profiles can accommodate the standard 8mm or 10 mm width strip, it is time to suggest the kind of LED strip optimal to use.

Criterium #1 – RGB or White?
Of course, it might be yours, utterly different preference, and we’ve seen kitchens with the aggressive violet that lights directly into the hardtop, but…
Criterium #2 Main lighting or the additional one?
We believe that the kitchen lighting can be decorative, yet it should provide enough lighting quality for preparing meals on the hardtop.
So, we recommend medium power LED strip lights in white with the very high CRI (please read another post about CRI)

For example: NEONICA LED Strip 2216 600 LED CRI 90+ or NEONICA LED Strip 2216 900 LED CRI 90+

You can select for both models if this will be more daytime white (4000k) or more yellow – traditional bulb light (3000k) or concerning the length of the profile and your installation specifics

However, if you need just a decorative function of the LED strip only, please consider using:

NEONICA LED Strip 2216 300 LED CRI 90+ or Neonica LED strip RGB+W 600 with Osram Duris E3 when you wish to combine the RGB strip with the white one.

So, you might have plenty of options. We’d love to hear from you. No inquiry too small. For any commercial-free of charge advice, please contact us via chat, social media, email or over the phone!

In the second part, we will tell you how to select the LED strips when you wish to have them over the kitchen cabinets.

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