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Missed selection of LED strip light causes it works not as expected

Missed selection of LED strip light causes it works not as expected

Missed selection of LED strip light causes it works not as expected

LED strip lights have been a small revolution for our domestic or commercial lighting installations. From the technical side, they are more energy-efficient and reliable products when comparing to the other lighting sources. Thanks to them you could create a designer ambient lighting in your home, even if you are not a profi.

LED strip lights in principle are flexible, so they can fit and be attached to nearly every surface, but also, as they are instead small size equipment, they can be easily concealed within the variety of plinths, plates, corners etc.

The assembly of the LED strip light is not a complicated task; therefore, it might be performed by the average DIY person. However, it happens that even when the strip is assembled correctly, the final lighting effect is far from expected.

So, why is the LED strip lighting not as strong as expected? In this article, you will find out the mysteries behind the assembly of the LED lights. By the end of this article, we will guide you through the LED strip assembly method that works for most of the applications!

So, why the LED strip light would not work well? There are several influencing factors, where one of them might be that they have not been appropriately selected. The other might relate to the wrong fitting, or even strip structure breakage.

Let’s recap the most common cases shortly on the examples below:


Not enough lighting output.

Our advice – study the products’ technical details more carefully. You can easily do it online – especially the reputable manufacturers will disclose all technical information on their websites.

The LED strips consist of LED chips and resistors that carefully binned (batched) and soldered to the FPC, 10mm thick board. There are several types of LED chips, that usually differs between each other by the intensity of light. Because of the lighting intensity, we could distinguish:

*LED strips having medium lighting output

*LED strips having high lighting output

*LED strips having a very high lighting output

Each of these LED strips should be fit to a different purpose:

• The strip that has a medium output is for any applications rather for the decorative character, for example attaching the suspended ceiling (with the other main light), some furniture walls, well, anywhere, where the climatic ambient is more important than the light

• The medium output LED lights are appropriate anywhere for the surface lighting – i.e. kitchen plinth/attaching kitchen cabinets or walk-in wardrobes

• The very high lighting output LED strip lights should be the optimal solution for the primary light source in the living room Concluding this part and responding to the question, why LED strip lights not as efficient as expected – it might be influenced by selecting the wrong strip type.

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