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How to select the correct LED strip light – our guide for newbies.

How to select the correct LED strip light – our guide for newbies.

LED strips are a real revolution. A simple solution, introduced just a few years ago, which has dominated the lighting market to this day. Currently, stores offer a multitude of solutions. No wonder that customers are increasingly asking how to choose the correct LED strip and what to pay special attention to before buying.

Everyone who wanted to create a certain mood in an area faced the same dilemma. Which variant should be chosen to meet their expectations? Although all LED strips look very similar they provide completely different effects. To choose the right product, before buying, you should ask yourself these questions:

What type of light should the LED strip give.

What length of LED strip will be appropriate?

The density of LED chips required.

How will the LED strip be mounted?

Intensity, hue and colour needed?

As with any type of lighting, when choosing an LED strip, you should answer the question what effect you want to achieve. Is it meant to highlight a decorative element? Or maybe provide an atmospheric uniform light? Or strong main lighting with an added multi-colour effect? The intensity, colour and colour temperature are the basic criteria for choosing LED strips. The entire installation can also be affected by the selection of power supply for example the brighter LED strip do require a more power supply than the coloured strips. You will not get full light intensity if you use do not use the correct power supply.

We can advise you which power supply you will need for which strip light.

Change your mood with one click

Does the lighting always have to be the same? In addition to single-colour LED strips, there are also those that dynamically change colours. White, red and green are the most popular colours. By combining these colours, other colours can be obtained. The unique properties of RGB LED strips (red, green, blue) allow you to bring any mood into the interior. With one click, we can change the nature of the entire room, and thanks to the use of controllers, changes can take place automatically.

The length of the tape

The undeniable advantage of LED strips is the possibility of choosing an individual lighting length. Linear light under the ceiling. A romantic effect emphasizing the decorative elements. Warming the character of the room. Thanks to LED strips, you can choose the size of lighting to suit your needs. Thanks to the modular design of the strip, you can choose a length of lighting to suit your need.

The density of the LED chips.

The light intensity depends on the density of the LEDs. The greater their number, the more even illumination will be, at the expense of the amount of energy consumed by the LED strip (althouh heat will never be a problem). The most common solution is to use a density of 60 LED chips per meter, but if you want very good uniformity, it is best to select a strip with a density of 180 LED / m.

Mounting method

The installation of LED strips is very simple. Thanks to adhesive backing this solution does not require additional assembly elements. LED strips can be glued directly to the surface or mounted in special prepared grooves for a more integrated look. Due to their simple structure and small dimensions, they are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. They also comply with European safety standards. are also safe to use. The tape with a silicone coating is resistant to moisture.

Remember about the power supply.

When buying LED lighting, it is worth noting that the LED strip is important, but not the only element. It is necessary to remember about the LED power supply which must be of the appropriate quality. LED strips are most often sold in rolls of five meters.

It is difficult to imagine a room being lit without the use of LED strips. It is an exceptionally easy-to-install solution that can provide intense and multi-coloured mood lighting in every room. LED lighting uses very little electricity which is important nowadays.

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