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How to choose LED lighting for the wardrobe?

How to choose LED lighting for the wardrobe?

A well-lit wardrobe makes choosing your daily outfit easier, as the colour of your clothes is more accurately represented.

Adequate lighting in a dressing room is most important for accurate colour reproduction.

What lighting do you have for your wardrobe?

The best type of lighting for wardrobes is LED lighting. Subtle installations, the small size of the lamps, ease of installation, and optimal adjustment to your needs are the feature of LED lighting. Adjustable light intensity and the possibility of having a colour border allow for the implementation of an individual project following users’ preferences.

Important wardrobe requirements …

Small wardrobes are primarily for storing clothes. Lighting is a real challenge here. The best way to illuminate a wardrobe is with overhead spotlighting. However, LED spotlighting for clothes hanging spaces and shelves cause that the light to be focused in small areas. So, aesthetically integrated LED strips are needed to ensure good visibility even in the most challenging places.

Which LED strips for walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms?

A large wardrobe means more space to check out your outfit in a mirror. Large wardrobes are not only shelves and hanging rails with clothes on them. More and more often, these are also places for folding clothes, ironing and checking clothes for marks and staines. For this you need a dedicated lighting.

An intense source placed in the middle of the wardrobe – although it provides adequate and even visibility over the area it is insufficient. To provide a more even and accurate type of light for this area LED strip lights are needed.

The lighting of individual drawers or shelves is beneficial when selecting clothes. When setting the parameters, the key is to choose the correct intensity and colour of LED lighting.

When you wanted to achieve the correct temperature colour and shade for area it was challenging. Now it is easier with the new range of Super Slim Neon Flex LED Strip lighting.

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