Recommendations to make your living room LED strip lighting outstanding.

When concerning the glowing interior design, there is so much to do with making the entire exceptional living room just by lighting it appropriately. We will separate this post into two parts for your convenience, where there is independent advice for the ceiling and the one for the walls.

LED strip lights for the living room ceiling.
Quite often for the contemporary living room, a specific ceiling shape and format, formed of the angled and modelled plasterboard. Using the LED strip for the living room will make the entire design consistent, especially you have selected an open plan kitchen aligned to your home modern interior decoration. The open plan is usually in principle integrated with your living room; thus, this creates one big open area where it designs should orchestrate with each other.
LED strip lighting is typically used for decoration; if your living room is lit with ceiling lights, you can also install supplemental LED strip lighting. Using LED strip lights and other lighting types will make your living room feel different and more layered.
When you wish to keep your living room’s comfort and relaxed feeling, keep the white lighting to the minimum and use a small amount of soft yellow lighting for a home sweet home touch. On the other side should you be a party animal, with LED strip lights for the living room you can create an RGB based lighting effects that will please your guests during the baby shower or a barbeque.
LED strip lights being used to build some indirect ambient lighting at the recessed ceiling level can replace the chandeliers and provide both – the ambient and the main lighting for the room.
OK, so let’s find out what exact LED strip types will fit into your glamorous living room:
As for the strip itself, we recommend the Neonica LED strip 5630 350 with Osram Duris E5.

Why? The reason for that is that all Neonica LED strips are dimmable (i.e. the LED chips are dimmable to be exact). So, as the result of that selection, you could be quite flexible, i.e. using the LED strip as the leading light when required and dim it when there is a need for more subtle lighting for living room.
Attaching the LED strip directly to the recessed plasterboard is always a tricky thing. Even when a strong adhesive double tape is used, an LED strip attached that way will fall over time. To prevent that we always recommend using the profile. And.. with the flexibility of the plasterboard, you can create the miracle lighting for your living room. You can use Architectural LED Alu profile KOZEL that is recessed and looks similar to the LED lamp. When you wish anything more discrete at the ceiling level, you can use the LED Alu profile MICRO attached to the recessed side of the plasterboard (concealed in the angle) or entirely recessed LED Alu profile MICRO-K.

You could do a lot with the ceiling, however, when you need more light in a room or an attractive accent to the design of the ceiling, walls, recessed shelves/TV backspace or a living room furniture, then consider building some indirect LED lighting. Recessed lighting and LED strips are modern and elegant, supplementary lighting that doesn’t take up space like more traditional lighting fixtures do.

LED strip lights for the living room walls, recessed shelves, furniture and decorations.
When concerning the glowing interior design, there is so much to do with making the real exceptional living room just by lighting it appropriately. We will separate this post into two parts for your convenience, where there is separate advice for the ceiling and the one for the walls.
There are so many different ideas for indirect LED lighting on the walls or their recessed elements. All of which depends on the size and function of the room. You can illuminate the dark corners, focus on a work of art on the wall or create beautiful lighting effects behind the sofa for dramatic effect. Indirect lighting illuminates like a rail along with the ceiling and is unobtrusive when not turned on.
Indirect LED wall lighting works perfectly. It brings magical effects and a touch of creativity to modern design. Modern technology that combines LED strip with the aluminium light profiles allow you to use a more flexible way of recessed lighting, all with energy-efficient properties. You can create beautiful designs and impress visitors with a fascinating combination of the central ceiling and ambient wall lighting.
So, what specific ideas you could implement to your brand-new living room walls?
TV Background Wall/Recess
The TV background wall is a critical part of the decoration of a living room. LED strip lighting is a perfect selection to make this area stand out. This will not only improve the appearance of the space but also may protect your eyesight. Strip lighting for this area should orchestrate the living room’s general outfit, yet, we recommend that even the weak in output LED strip to be additionally dimmed, to achieve a subtle effect of ambient lighting that would not distract your eyes during Premier Ligue or a movie.

Attaching or recessing into furniture.
So popular recessed shelves, build in corner pillars, angled kitchen space separations, they all can look even more glamour when properly lighten. The same as for the TV background wall, we would recommend the subtle lighting, not distracting the eyes… unless you would like to make a presentation of some furniture element.

So, what we recommend?
There are various low lighting output strips such as NEONICA LED Strip 2216 300 LED CRI 90+ and to spice it up we shall admit that can be ordered in a specific colour – i.e. red or blue! However, when you would like to mingle between the white light and RGB, it is fair enough to use: Neonica LED strip RGB+W 600 with Osram Duris E3

We would still have the same statement for the profiles – when can get the profile used, use it! It will make your entire lighting installation reliable over many years, and the LED strip would not fall over time and wear of the adhesive tape. Also, the profile would absorb the amount of heat usually given away by the LED strip. As the profiles’ selection might be as wide as the shape and format of your furniture or recessed wall and … your imagination, please only find below the link to the entire categories of the profiles: